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Hot Pink Enamel Cellphone Wristlet


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This enamel o chain phone chain is both stylish and practical. The dual clasps offer a secure hold to your phone, while the enamel design adds a unique and trendy touch. It's the perfect accessory for anyone looking to keep their device close at hand and add a fashionable flair to their look. The vibrant colors and smooth texture give this phone chain an eye-catching appeal that will elevate any style.


This must-have phone chain comes with a holder tag that can be easily inserted into your phone case, with the hook part sticking out at the bottom of the charge port. This allows you to hang the chain from your phone and carry it with ease.


Material: 18k gold plated, triple plated, enamel
Size: Approx. ½" thick enamel chain, 5⁄16" thick o chain
Length: Approx. 12"
Closure: Double clasp
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